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Veja Dekkan Babe Pierre

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Immerse yourself in avant-garde elegance with the Veja Dekkan women's trainers in the captivating Babe Pierre shade. These sneakers not only embody contemporary fashion, but also represent a firm commitment to sustainability and ethics in women's fashion. The innovative design of the Veja Dekkan merges with the Babe Pierre color palette, creating a perfect balance between style and freshness. These sneakers are ideal for the modern woman who is looking for footwear that stands out both aesthetically and in its commitment to the environment. Made from sustainable materials such as ethically sourced leather and natural rubber, the Veja Dekkan offers not only high-quality footwear, but also an active contribution to reducing environmental impact. Every step you take in these sneakers is an affirmation of your conscious elegance and your support of responsible business practices.

Upper material: Ripstop (100% recycled polyester)

Panels: T.P.U. and rubber

V Logo: Amazon Rubber (26%)

Template: Amazon rubber (12%), sugar cane (42%), recycled polyester (23%) and others (12%)

Front toe and heel: Rubber

Midsole: E.V.A.* (56% sugar cane and 30% others)

Outsole: Amazon rubber (30%), mineral silica (25%), synthetic rubber (24%) and others (21%)

Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester)

Laces and back tape: Recycled polyester (100%)

Made in Brazil

Ripstop is a structurally reinforced fabric that is resistant to tears thanks to its grid weave of fine and thick threads. If a tear occurs in the material, it will be limited to the circumference of the square. Lightweight, it is usually used for outdoor activities that require a lot of technicality.

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