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Ugg Burleigh Chukka Black

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The Ugg Burleigh Chukka men's boots have the modern style of a sneaker with the functionality of boots for not so cold climates. With waterproof features, sealed seams and Spider Rubber® studs on the sole for added traction. It also features a midsole and outsole made from renewable sugar cane, a fast-growing, rainwater-dependent resource that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and requires no irrigation.

Waterproof Features

Seam-sealed construction

Waterproof suede

Reinforced tongue with water-repellent coating

Polyester laces

UGGplush™ 5mm UGGVentilate lining with 60% recycled wool and 40% lyocell

10mm UGGplush™ footbed with 60% recycled wool and 40% lyocell

SugarSole™ EVA midsole

SugarSole™ EVA outsole and Spider Rubber® pods for added traction

UGG® logo embossed on tongue and heel

Ideal for: Casual occasions, light or moderate rain

Reference: 1151773

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