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Veja Wata II Low Black Pierre

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Immerse yourself in the marine charm with the Veja Wata II Low sneakers in the captivating black color. These sneakers are not only a riot of casual and fresh style, but also an expression of commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion. The versatile design of the Veja Wata II Low sneakers is harmoniously combined with the Black Pierre tone, evoking the serenity of the sea and timeless elegance. These sneakers stand out for their chic simplicity and their ability to complement any outfit, from a relaxed look to a more urban one.

Upper material: Ripstop (100% recycled polyester)

V logo: Water-based screen printing

Template: Amazon Rubber (11%), sugar cane (42%), E.V.A* (53%), E.V.A. recycled (11%), organic cotton (12%) and others (14%)

Outsole: Amazon rubber (40%), recycled rubber (10%), mineral silica (23%), synthetic rubber (11%) and others (16%)

Side band and toe: Rubber

Lining and laces: Organic cotton (100%)

Made in Brazil

Ripstop is a structurally reinforced fabric that is resistant to tears thanks to its grid weave of fine and thick threads. If a tear occurs in the material, it will be limited to the circumference of the square. Lightweight, it is usually used for outdoor activities that require a lot of technicality.

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