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Veja V-90 Extra White Cyprus

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Immerse yourself in sustainable innovation with the Veja V-90 trainers in stunning Extra White Cyprus. These sneakers, which fuse style and environmental commitment, are the definitive choice for those looking for avant-garde and ethical fashion. The modern design of the Veja V-90 is enhanced by the purity of white and the distinctive touches of Cyprus, creating a shoe that attracts attention with its unique style. From casual outfits to more urban looks, these sneakers stand out in any context. Made with sustainable materials, such as ethically sourced leather and natural rubber from the Amazon, the Veja V-90 not only offers exceptional aesthetics, but also represents a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility. Every step you take in these shoes is a contribution towards a more conscious lifestyle.

Upper material: Leather O.T.

Panels: Suede

V Logo: Suede

Template: Amazon rubber (12%), sugar cane (42%), recycled polyester (23%) and others (12%)

Outsole: Amazon Rubber (40%), recycled rubber (10%), Silica (23%), synthetic rubber (11%) and others (16%)

Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester)

Laces: Organic cotton (100%)

Made in Brazil

The leather O.T. (Organic Traced) comes from certified 100% organic farms in Uruguay, a country known for its animal husbandry culture and quality leather. It is the softest and finest of the leathers from bovines. This type of leather undergoes a mechanical beating process that makes it thin and flexible. Tanned in Brazil with less dyes than conventional bovine leather. VEJA uses conventional colorants that comply with regulations. Special attention is paid to water during the tanning process.

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