Ecoalf Limo Sweater Navy Off White

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Discover the harmony between sustainable fashion and style with the Ecoalf Limo knit sweater for men. Made from 70% organic cotton and 30% linen, this sweater not only offers the same quality as the best conventional cotton, but also stands out for its environmental commitment. The organic cotton used is grown without pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers, following responsible practices in the use of water and soil care, thus minimizing its negative impact on the environment.

This sweater features a regular fit, crew neck, and fine fabric that provides equal parts comfort and style. Ribbed details on the collar, cuffs and hem add an elegant touch, while the Ecoalf logo on the sleeve reflects the authenticity of this brand committed to sustainability. In addition, this sweater is 100% vegan, contributing to an ethical and animal-friendly lifestyle.

Immerse yourself in conscious fashion with the Ecoalf Limo knit jumper, where quality, style and environmental commitment come together to offer you a wardrobe option that makes a positive statement. Dress with purpose and embrace sustainable fashion with this exceptional sweater!

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