Veja Sdu Rec Alveomesh Gravel Pekin

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Upper material: Alveomesh (100% recycled polyester)

Panels: vegan suede and coated canvas

V logo: rubber and rice waste (22%)

Insole: Amazon rubber, sugar cane, recycled E.V.A.* and organic cotton

Midsole: Sugarcane (52%)

Outsole: Amazon rubber (12%) and rice residue (30%)

Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester)

Laces: organic cotton (100%)

Made in Brazil

Alveomesh is a technical fabric made exclusively from recycled polyester. This provides breathability, flexibility and lightness to the shoe.

Coming from the State of São Paulo in Jacareí, this suede is a 100% vegan synthetic textile product and an alternative to animal-produced suede. It is a non-woven fabric made of needle-punched microfibers impregnated with PU resin. This solvent-free process is less toxic than those used to produce the classic formerly synthetic ones.

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